EL Gibbor Kitchen 3610 is a feeding scheme that is run by an amazing team of locals from the Pinetown and Upper Highway area.

Every Monday and Thursday evening the EL Gibbor Kitchen team feed over 150 homeless people. We have a local bakery BEST BREAD that supplies us with bread, whilst the ingredients for the meals are kindly supplied and donated by volunteers and the local community.

We have a Goodie Bag initiative, where we supply all 150+ people with a bag filled with toiletries, candles, matches, lip ice and tin food. All done with the spirit of making life a bit easier for those on the street.


Hi, we are Steph and Hoosen Amod.

We have taken over the Pinetown feeding scheme, previously known as Heaven’s Kitchen. Our goal remains the same, this being to continue the great work the Lord has started, ensuring the homeless and less fortunate are fed with nutritious¬†meals and spiritual upliftment.

We will continue the great work being undertaken by Volunteers, Sponsors and Everyone involved with the feeding scheme. A huge THANK YOU to each and everyone of you for your contributions towards this wonderful initiative.

“Whatever we do, we do it unto the Lord”

Our aim is to keep spreading faith, hope and love to all the homeless and less fortunate who are going hungry in our community. We have a new logo to depict this. It’s meaning being El Gibbor (Mighty God’s) Kitchen will bring Faith, Hope and Love to Pinetown.